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It's A Bird

Page history last edited by Sheridan Hay 13 years, 10 months ago

Reading Assignment:  It's a Bird...

Exploring the Idea of Superman



Click here for a quick lesson on reading graphic novels 



Understanding Steven

After reading the novel, how would you describe the main character?  Write a paragraph describing Steven. 


Understanding Superman

Explore one of the attached themes and explain how they help (or not) understanding the character of Superman, Steven, or the story.

The Colours of Superman



The Alien (leave this one out.  It is not posted at the moment)


Understanding Steven and Lisa

How is the relationship between Steven and Lisa revealed in the graphic novel?  Take a note of particular panels or series of panels that help readers undertand their relationship better.  How could this have been demonstrated in a text (as opposed to graphic) novel? 



Explore one of the themes below and explain how it helps enrich (or not) our understanding of the characters or the story.

  • Escape (leave this one out.  It is not posted at the moment)
  • Courage (leave this one out.  It is not posted at the moment)


Meaning in the Story

After viewing the panels found in The Ending , explain what you see as being the main message of the story.  Apart from the story being told from the perspective of the writer, who do you think the story is really about?  You do not have to confine your answer to one character (in fact, I would prefer that you do not).



Once you have finished reading the story, write down your reactions to it.  Did you like the form (e.g. graphic novel) that it took?  Could you related to the characters?  We will discuss your reactions together once you have completed the whole assignment, so be prepared to discuss your answers.


Superman Main Page

ENG2D1 Unit Two 

Comments (7)

Cassandra said

at 9:25 am on May 28, 2010

Steve is young man who lives with his girlfriend Lisa. He is confused about his assignment with Superman for his job writing comic books. He does not believe Superman is a good superhero, and why people make a big fuss about him. He made it clear to his boss that he doesn't want this assignment, because he does not like Superman. However, his boss gives him more time to think about it because he believes his decision is based upon his troubles with his family. Steve's father has disappeared, and his mother is freaking out. Also, Steve is worried because Huntington's Disease runs in his family, and he is scared that he might have it. On top of that Steve's girlfriend Lisa is talking about marriage and children, which he is not ready to commit to. From the stress of his assignment, he made his own girlfriend leave the house. Steve and his brother later went to go search for their dad and Aunt Sarah. They found them at a hospital, with Aunt Sarah in critical care from Huntington's Disease. His father was angry at him for coming, and they went into a huge fight. Afterwards, when they made up, Steve realized that he didn't like Superman because he reminds him that we all have hurdles. However, he know realized that that's okay as long as were able to jump them. Afterwards, Steve was able to make up with Lisa and write a Superman comic about Huntington's Disease.

Cassandra said

at 12:27 pm on May 31, 2010

Understanding Steven and Lisa:
The relationship between Steven and Lisa is revealed as a couple who began living with eachother in Steve's apartment. From this story I understood that they were in a a comitted relationship. Lisa was already talking about marriage and children to him.
Some panels that helps us understand their relationship better are page 17. On this page he talks about how they've been together for three years. On page 52 it shows that they are talking about children and marriage. However, Steve freaks out due to the stress. Later we know that they do start a family.

Cassandra said

at 12:43 pm on May 31, 2010

Meaning in the Story:
I think the main message of the story is that eveyone has flaws and problems. However, its being able to admit to them and being able to overcome those troubles. These will only make you a stronger person. I think the story is really about Steve and his father.I believe that Steve's father comes into this story, because he feels guilty about having children. He thinks if his children get Huntington's disease it would be his fault. I think it's also about Steve, because he is always afraid he's going to get Huntington's disease. He takes out his anger on this at his work, friends and family. At the end he realises that everyone has troubles, no one has a perfect life, its overcoming them.

Kelly said

at 1:17 pm on Jun 16, 2010

Characters: The main character in this book is very troubled and emotionally unstable. You can tell this because through out the story because he is constantly conflicted with either himself, other characters, or with events with in the story. I believe that his negative attitude towards most things comes from an inner fear of having Huntington's disease that runs in his family. This fear makes him question most of the things that he does and also makes him a very cautious person.

Caleigh said

at 1:22 pm on Jun 17, 2010

I Found it very interesting how steve correlated the colours in supermans outfit to what they might mean about him. i like this because i also believe that colours can represent feelings, symbols, and different states of being. When you think of different colours different images, thoughts and feelings come to your head. I think steve had great insight as to what the colours of super man meant. Red is a masculine colour. it also is a colour of love fire and passion all very strong things. But the colour yellow is the colour for cowardice and faithlessness. As strong as superman is i believe his weaknesses come from emotional conflict with in. A strong body doesn't mean a strong mind.

Caleigh said

at 12:58 pm on Jun 21, 2010

Through out the book I feel that Lisa and Steve's relationship is very unfair. Steve is a very emotionally character and his girlfriend lisa is always trying to give him different way to look at things and encouraging him. But Steve takes this for granted and blocks out Lisa's help. I actually think the text in the graphic novel displays the relationship very well it shows how inwardly focused and selfish Steve is.

Sheridan Hay said

at 3:17 pm on Jun 21, 2010

Good analysis and comments so far from both of you. I look forward to hearing more.

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