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Part Four:  Constructing Your Own Hero

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Let's start with a short film as an introduction to this assignment:




The assignment is to create your own fictional hero.   How you present the hero to the world is up to you.  It could be in the form of a movie trailer, a comic book cover, a biography book cover, a traditional short story or biography, a poster, an audio or video interview with the hero, or another form of your choosing.


The presentation should include answers to the following questions:

i) What is your hero like? 

ii) What are your hero's powers? Why did you choose those powers?

iii) What is your hero's costume? Why did you choose that costume? those colours?

iv) What is your hero's secret identity? Why did you choose that one


If the answers don't fit naturally into the presentation, you can include the answers on a separate sheet of paper.


A rubric will be posted shortly. 

ENG2D1 Unit Two 

Comments (1)

Cassandra said

at 8:50 am on Jun 4, 2010

Lady in the Dark
i) My hero is very mysterious, no one knows who she actually is. In real life she's a successful business woman, who is very nice and generous. As soon as it turns dark and there's trouble, she comes out to save the day.
ii)Her powers are her ability to fly and razor sharp nails. I chose these powers because being able to fly will allow her to travel a lot quicker, and be able to reach tall heights if needed. I chose razor sharp nails so she will be able to defeat the criminals, and defend herself.
iii) Her costume will be a black tight outfit and a black cape that flows with a black mask to hide her face. I chose this costume so that people will not know who she is, I chose the cape so it allows her to fly easier. I chose the color black so the criminals wont be able to notice her.
iv)My heroes secret identity is her outfit that includes a mask so no one knows who she is. Also her super hero name is Lady in the Dark so no one knows her actual name.

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