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Superman in Film

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Superman's Training



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Superman's Powers

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The Burden of Superman (temporarily out of order)



Lois Lane interviews Superman

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Assignment:  What do we learn about Superman from these excerpts?

1. What do we learn about Superman's powers? List them.

2. What do learn about Superman's weaknesses?  List them.

3. What do we learn about Superman as a person?

3. What do you think are Superman's greatest burdens as a superhero?

4. What is the significance of Kryptonite being his greatness weakness?  What do you think about the fact that kryptonite is something that comes from his home planet? Do you think there is any connection there to how people are

    often recognized last for their achievements by the people or country closest to them?


Assignment Due:   



ENG2D1 Unit Two 

Comments (2)

Caleigh said

at 9:22 am on May 26, 2010

1.)I learned all of super mans powers i now know that Superman can fly, has super strength, is bullet proof and has x-ray vision.

Caleigh said

at 9:25 am on May 26, 2010

Superman is almost equal to Chuck Norris, completely invincible! but Superman has one weakness krypton! Chuck Norris eats krypton in small pieces for breakfast.

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