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ENG4U1 Biography and Memoir

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After listening to or reading the selection below, compile a list of what you think are important common elements in this form of writing.  While there are important differences between a memoir and a biography, this is a comparison between writing about one's life and other forms of non-fiction writing explored in previous assignments.



Task:  Create a short comic about your life or based on an excerpt from one of the readings, using a program called bitstrips. Below is my humble example...




1.  Go to the bitstrips site

     To log in, you will need the class code, which is 7538.

2.  Complete a short piece - it does not need to be very long (about 8 to 10 panels, about two comic pages).  Pick a simple theme, such as your trip to the program every day or a short joke or conversation that you had.  If you prefer, there could be one page of writing accompanied by two or three pictures (more like a storybook) instead.

3.  Briefly reflect on the challenges that you went through in the process of producing your work.  (Some questions to consider:  Was it difficult to think of what you were going to include as pictures?  How did you choose when to use speech bubbles over narration?  How can the tone of the story be affected by the animated panels chosen?)



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Comments (1)

Kelly said

at 1:07 pm on Jun 16, 2010

I thought that the most difficult part was choosing what to illustrate in my comic. I didn't think that many things that happened in my life were interesting or funny, so I just chose one that was recent and amusing to me. The pictures were easy for me to figure out because I had a vision in my mind, but it was just hard to depict what I wanted to be shown using the program. I chose a speech bubble when I could picture myself saying that line in real life, but when it was more of an explanation or something I coudln't picture them saying I did it as a narrative. The tone is closely related to the colour I think, the colours in mine were bright and sunny, so the tone was happy and cheery.

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