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ENG4U1 Reporting Events

Page history last edited by Sheridan Hay 13 years, 10 months ago

Part One

Listen to one of the reports below and write a paragraph summary of what was being reported.


Audio Topics:

Mexico's 1968 Massacre:  What Really Happened?

Victoria Woodhull: The First Woman to Run for President 


Part Two

The assignment is to find one current event taking place and to prepare a one minute report on it in the form of your choice (audio or visual) using a variety of news sources.


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Comments (3)

Kelly said

at 9:02 am on Jun 15, 2010

Mexico's 1968 Massacre- Kelly Kozluk
A new President for Mexico ended one party ruling but also sparked investigating the 1968 massacre of University Students. At that time in Mexico City the economy was good and the Olympic Games were coming. Diaz Ortez, the President at the time, tried to control everything in an authoratative position. The students didnt' like the way Mexico was being run, they wanted it to be more of a democracy, so they joined together and tried to spread the word and the vision. It became a big movement, half a million people went onto the streets in front of the President's Palace to protest the government. "It was unforgettable" says a former student. When told to leave by the army, they didn't, and the "government repression" was far from over. The President then made a speech, that they couldn't allow this protesting anymore, no more laws were to be broken. It turned violent, the officers using tear gas to try to make the students disperse and many were sent to jail. Neither party was going to surrender or let it go. Students were demanding the release of others that were arrested and sent to jail, but some wanted just to go back to school. Troops advanced on the crowd, shots were fired then "all hell broke loose". Tlatelolco Plaza was a flurry, even tanks came. With many dead, the students became too scared to say anything and they simply returned to school and tried to forget. For 34 years it was ignored and remained a mystery. After much research, information became to emmerge when Fox became President in 2000. Footage found in records show a shot coming from a higher up window, what was thought to set off the massacre.

Kelly said

at 9:02 am on Jun 15, 2010

The first shot is now known to have been towards the leader of the army troops in a trajectory from high to low. Officers from a different part of the army controlled by the government were posted in those bulidings, instructed to shoot at the troops so they thought that the students were shooting. The goal of this was to have the troops shoot back at the students, and they achieved it. It is not known how many people died, the plaza was cleaned short after. Reports vary from 200 to 2000 casualties. The massacre forty years ago, is still being unraveled and discovered to this day.

Sheridan Hay said

at 1:37 pm on Jun 22, 2010

Well done. It is a difficult task to summarize an event that one is not familiar with already, but you did an admirable job.

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