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Canadian and World Politics

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Canadian and World Politics (CPW4U1) Course Outline


This course examines Canadian and world politics from a variety of perspectives. Students will investigate the ways in which individuals, groups, and states work to influence domestic and world events, the role of political ideologies in national and international politics, and the dynamics of international cooperation and conflict resolution. Students will apply critical thinking and communication skills to develop and support informed opinions about current political conflicts, events, and issues.


Unit One:      The Nature of Politics



Unit Two:      Decision Making and Participation



Unit Three:    The Politics of Internationalism



Unit Four:      The Global Community


Unit Five:       ISU - A Case Study in World Politics




The blog:  ...of a political nature 






The final grade will be assessed using the following formula:


Unit Quizzes (3)                             15%

Blog Enries                                     20%

Unit Assignments                           25%

Summative Evaluation                   30%


Achievement Chart


Knowledge/Understanding      25%

Thinking/Inquiry                        30%

Communication                        25%

Application                               20%



More detailed information will be provided about the individual assignments in the days to follow.  Assignments will include:  case studies, research reports, essays, an oral presentation, and a media presentation.






 The textbook used is Canadian and World Politics, published by Emond Montgomery Publications Limited. 


link to curriculum document





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