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Individual Trend Assignment

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HSB4M1 Unit 3

Individual Trend Assignment


The assignment is to select one social trend of interest to you, research it, and present your findings to the class.  The trend could be something contemporary or more historic, such as:


cell phone use

internet functions such as social networking (e.g. Facebook or Twitter)

use of mp3 players and other digital devices in public

the privatization of public spaces - increasing use of public space for private adverstising, for example

changes in courtship (dating to classified ads to internet dating and craigslist personal ads)

changes in living arrangements

changes in marriage/families/long term relationships

how people keep in touch with one another

reading habits


...or one of your choice.  


*some of these topics overlap, but the idea is to choose one of interest to you and to get you thinking about what kind of topics can be approached and how 


The best topic choice will allow you to demonstrate how this trend can be understood using all three of the social science disciplines being used in this course and represent a trend that has brought about social change.


The form of the presentation is up to you, but whether you create an information sheet or a powerpoint, it will be presented orally.


A rubric will be posted for this assignment shortly.




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