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HHS4M1 Unit Five

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Unit Five:  Individuals and Families from Mid-to-Late Adulthood


Assignment One: Adults and Their Families

Reading: Chapter 12, Adults and Their Families, pages 380 to 414.

Assigned Reading:  382-396; 396-403

Answer questions 1, 2, 3, page 414.

Complete worksheet on Adult Life In Canada:  Analyzing Demographic Trends, found here.

Due Friday, June 4


Assignment Two: Adult Life and Theories of Aging 

Reading: Chapter 13, Adult Life and Theories of Aging, pages 416 to 446.

Assigned Reading:  418-427; 428-432; 435-437

Read worksheet on Contemporary Theories of Aging, (it summarizes one of the readings) found here.

Answer questions 2, 3, 4, and 5, page 446.

Due Thursday, June 9


Assignment Three: The Challenges of Later Life

Reading: Chapter 14, The Challenges of Later Life, pages 448 to 480.

Assigned Reading:  451-456; 467-470

Complete worksheet on Cross-Generational Relationships, found here.

Complete worksheet on The Adjustment to Remariage, found here.

Complete worksheet on Child Versus Elder Abuse, found here.

Due Wednesday, June 16


Individuals and Families from Mid-to-Late Adulthood 


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