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HHS4M1 Unit 3

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Intimate Relationships and Marriage in a Diverse Society 


Wednesday, May 20

Assignment One: 

Reading: Chapter 6, Marriage, Intimate Relationships, and Society, pages 162 to 185

Complete worksheet on Marriage Terminology, found here.

Start to complete Diagnostic Quiz on Couples, found here.  It will be due when you have completed chapter 7 assignments.

Read Contemporary Relationship Findings, found here.

Assignment Due:  Monday, May 3


Thursday, May 21

Assignment Two: 

Reading: Chapter 7, Intimate Relationships and Marriage, pages 190 to 221

Complete worksheet on Overview of Mate-Selection Theories, found here.

Complete Diagnostic Quiz on Couples

Complete worksheet on An Analysis of Intermarriage, found here.

Complete questions 3, 4, and 8, page 222-223 in the course textbook. 

Assignment Due:  Friday, May 7


Other assignments to be posted shortly.


Monday, May 25

Assignment Three: 

Reading: Chapter 8, Relationship Issues and Trends, pages 224 to 257

Complete worksheet called Divorce Graphic Organizer, found here.

Complete worksheet called Decision to Divorce, found here.

Complete Point of View questions 1 to 5, page 241 in the course textbook. 

Complete Case Study questions 1 to 5, page 257 in the course textbook. 

Complete questions 1, 3, 4, 9 or 10, and 13, pages 258 and 259 in the course textbook.

New! View this page (with a video) on divorce in the 1960s here

Assignment Due:  Wednesday, May 12


Look at an interesting CBC site here


Intimate Relationships and Marriage in a Diverse Society



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