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Welcome to Analysing Current Economics Issues (CIA4U1)


This course explores the choices that individuals and societies make about the use of resources 
in a competitive global economy. Students will use economic concepts and models, as well as 
methods of economic inquiry to analyse current economic issues and make informed economic 
choices based on their analysis.

The course is broken up into six units:
Unit One – The Nature of Economics and The Economy

Unit Two – Microeconomics: The Canadian Market Economy

Unit Three – Macroeconomics: Production and Monetary Flow

Unit Four – Economic Decision Making: The Role of Government in the Economy

Unit Five – International Trade and the Global Economy

Unit Six - The Economics of Tomorrow


Special Project:  The Economic Crisis of 2009 



The final grade will be assessed using the following formula:

Unit Assignments/Tests:                    50%

Class Work:                                     20%

Summative Evaluation:                       30%


Achievement Chart

Knowledge/Understanding      25%

Thinking/Inquiry                   25%

Communication                    25%

Application                          25%


Semester Calendar 


Additional Economics assignments 


Additional Resources:

Commanding Heights documentary

MoPoS Simulation Game 

link to curriculum document



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